Mission Statement

Boyd Bros. Transportation is the premier flatbed carrier in the industry. Everything we do is in the best interest of our customers, employees, and shareholders.

We Are Commited To:

  • Maintaining Safety as our core value and an integral part of how we operate.
  • Being the Carrier of Choice for drivers.
  • Maintaining a culture of respect, built on faith.
  • Providing the highest level of service to our customers through our people, innovation, and technology.
  • Delivering results that increase shareholder value.

Through these commitments we maintain our reputation as a trusted partner within the transportation industry.


3275 Highway 30, Clayton, AL 36016

Dept. # 1531
P.O. Box 11407 Birmingham, AL 35246-1531
FAX: (334) 775-1432
WEBSITE: www.boydbros.com

PHONE: (334) 775-1400

MC NUMBER: 126305 (158) (159)
FEDERAL ID #: 63-6006515
US DOT#: 092321


Every tractor is equipped with satellite communications, on-board computer, and automatic load tracking. Extra equipment carried: lumber and steel tarps, chains, straps, binders, beveled timbers, pipe stakes, v-boards, coil racks, and mats.

Additionally, Logistics can handle overflow loads or special moves with shippers agreement.

D&B #: 031554033

Boyd Brothers Transportation, Inc. and WTI Transport, Inc. currently operate 900 conventional tractors, 578 – 48’ trailers and 956 – 53’ aluminum trailers, a total trailer fleet of 1534 trailers

Boyd Brothers has full-service terminals in Birmingham, AL, and Clayton, AL. There are service centers in Cartersville, GA, & Cofield, NC.

E.D.I. load tendering, billing, and freight payment, Internet tendering, tracking, billing, and P.O.D.‘s

Carrier Profile Docs
For profile documents, email Beth Steed at bsteed@boydbros.com.
PO Box 11567
Birmingham, AL 35202
(800) 292-6509

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